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Lindsey Duggan shows us the ropes (well… silks) of aerial fitness

This year, we’ve been dedicated to helping our friends (that’s you!) make their heath goals a reality. We teamed up with vlogger Claire Marshall and got some professionals on the case to give her tips, tricks and workouts that all of you could follow at home.

In her latest vlog offering, she headed down to AIR® Los Angeles to try her hand at an aerial fitness class (you can watch it all here). It’s the latest fun fitness offering combining athletic conditioning with yoga, ballet and Pilates on aerial silk hammocks, designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your physique.

Her teacher for the session was Lindsay Duggan who discovered AIR® Aerial Fitness over two years ago. After spending years running marathons, swimming competitively and teaching yoga, she says from the first AIR® class she took, she was hooked.

“Strangely enough I found aerial skills while training for the Boston Marathon. It’s recommended to break up the running routine with strength training. At the time I thought I was really fit but the first AIR® class really challenged me but I loved it.”

Air Los Angeles

She says that, though there are classes for beginners through to the more advanced, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your aerial fitness experience, no matter what your fitness level.

“When it comes to what you can do outside the gym to improve your skills with the silks, anything that strengthens your upper body and core will help improve your work.  Step-ups, planks, crunches, pushups, and anything with TRX bands. Also, classes tend to move quickly so you will get winded as well — don’t ignore that cardio.”

Lindsay Duggan’s Skype Instagram takeover

Want to know more? We’re excited to announce that Lindsay will be taking time out this weekend to take over the Skype Instagram account. She’ll be reaching out to aerialists past, present and future (or even just those who want to find out more), as well as spreading the good fitness word.

“Skype has 300 million users, and three billion minutes spent on it per day! If even a tiny portion of those users log in to learn new wellness tips, that has a massive ripple effect. For us specifically it would be really wonderful to see groups of users that could connect and share ideas and give live demonstrations. We have been seeing the appeal of silks internationally and Skype could also be a great way to reach aspiring aerialists everywhere,” she said.

Tune in to our Instagram this weekend to get your fitness on and make sure to join our #SkypeFit group chats where you can get all your health questions answered by Claire and her coaches.

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