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Immersive, candid and personal storytelling: an interview with Sterling Proffer, GM of VICE News

As partners who share VICE’s broadcasting passion, Skype in Media sat down with Sterling Proffer, General Manager of VICE News, for a chat on digital media, millennials and a more seamless means of assembling and allocating content.


“We’ve always focused on a certain style of storytelling which is really immersive, candid, and personal”, Sterling explains. “And a lot of those things are really human-driven, personal-driven stories, set against the real world. And as a result, a lot of times, those stories that we thought were just really interesting personal stories wound up being considered news stories by a lot of others.”

Skype is helping us break down the fourth wall between ourselves and our audience. Making it easier for them to become active participants in the ever-evolving stories that we cover,” he pauses, “in the social world, the release of any piece of content is not one-sided, and Skype TX technology allows us to take that further than we would otherwise be able to do.” Sterling adds, “We’ve really enjoyed learning and understanding how we can leverage the technology to build better, deeper relationships with our users.”

For the full article, please head over to the Skype in Media blog.

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