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A simple way to inspire your workout buddies over a group video call

Whether you want to start a dance class, get together a book club, or even take a boxing lesson — it’s simple with Skype: just create a group chat and send a unique link to anyone you want via Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter or email. Even if they’re not in your Skype contacts or don’t have Skype installed, they can join as a guest using Skype for Web.

This new film focuses on three boxers who gather on a Skype video call to share their tips and advice in a boxing class.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Taylor Reed, Giulini Wever and Alena Savostikova (who is actually a model and fitness enthusiast).

When asked how they got into their career, it transpires they all started out pretty young:

Taylor: “I began training martial arts at 11 years old. I’ve been involved in some sort of martial arts training for over 20 years and I have experience in boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and Kenpo Karate.  That led me to pursuing personal training and group training certifications, as well as competing in all of those arts.”

Taylor Reed

Giulini: “I grew up in a martial arts family and fitness has always been a huge aspect of my life. My father is an 8th dan degree black belt grand master in tae-kwon-do. I started training in the martial arts at the age of 4. At the age of 9, I obtained my black belt and I’m currently a martial arts instructor holding a 3rd degree black belt.”

Giulini Wever

Alena: “My mom signed me up with an agency when I was really young. Ever since I could remember I was doing little commercials and we would travel with a troupe to perform shows. I always enjoyed performing for others. It wasn’t until I was 17, that I got signed by a big modeling agency and was traveling on contracts abroad on my own.”

Alena Savostikova

So being boxing and fitness enthusiasts is one thing. But how do the stars of our film use Skype themselves?

Taylor is obviously a fan: “I’m definitely a Skype user. I’ve used it with family and friends to communicate long distance. It’s a genius tool and I love that I can see and speak to people from afar. One of the funnier Skype moments I can recall is having my niece and her best friend take over my computer to call each other on Skype, and read books to each other for over an hour. They are both 4.”

Giulini explains how, as a training instructor, she uses Skype for work, as well as for catching up with family and friends:

“I decided to use Skype because when some of my clients travel for work, they don’t want to miss out on their workouts. So we use Skype to make sure they can still get their workouts in to stay in the game, healthy and in shape.”

Giulini even trains boxing over Skype, “The only difference is, that we aren’t present in the same room. We can still get a pretty efficient workout – my clients buy some of the same equipment we use so the workout can feel the same. Whether we’re using bands, weights or doing cardio kick boxing, it will be a pretty thorough workout.”

Alena explains how she uses Skype to stay in touch with all of her international friends:

“When I am out of town, I use Skype for auditions,” she says, “I’ve used Skype on my cell phone before when I am at airports to chat with my mom, and also on my laptop. I used to be in a long distance relationship and Skype was a witness of a lot of memorable moments.”

And of the feature of being able to invite anyone to join a group video call, Alena sings its praises:

“This feature is going to make it easier to reconnect with all of my friends that I used to hang out with in Korea. How amazing would it be for all of us currently living in different countries to chat all at once? Amazing.”

You can find out more about this feature here.

To make sure you have all of our latest features, please download the most recent version of Skype on all your devices.

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