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Skype 6.6 for iPhone and iPad brings phone number, date and address detection, and improved multitasking

When we’re on our phones and tablets we’re often doing several things at once, from researching a holiday, planning nights out, sending emails or messaging friends – we switch in and out of the apps that help us get things done. Today we’re pleased to launch Skype 6.6 for iPhone and iPad, a new version that helps make multi-tasking with Skype a little bit easier.

Here’s what’s new:

Quickly set up calendar events, start calls and check locations directly from an instant message – In Skype 6.6, you’ll notice that phone numbers, addresses, times and dates are now highlighted. Simply tap on the highlighted text to start an action. A highlighted address will take you straight to Apple Maps and a highlighted phone number will open the Skype dialpad for you to immediately start a Skype call to a phone number (don’t forget to add some Skype credit to your account).

Tapping on a highlighted date or time will open the calendar app. We’ll automatically set up the event using the details from the chat to speed things up for you. We’ll also add a Skype chat URL in the calendar notes which is perfect if you’re setting up a call reminder – just open the event and tap on the chat URL to get straight back to your chat.

Multitask without missing a beat – we’ve made it easier for you to get back to an active Skype audio or video call from your instant messages or contact list. Simply tap the active call banner to jump straight back to your call. Additionally, when you’re in an instant message conversation, you’ll see an unread message counter at the top of the conversation. Just hit ‘back’ to see what you’ve missed.

If you haven’t already downloaded the latest version of Skype for iPhone and iPad, you can get the update from the Apple Store. To get the latest news and tips, find us on Facebook and Twitter, and join us on the Skype Community. We look forward to hearing from you!

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