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Skype 6.3 for iPhone and iPad: iOS9 support, Slide Over, Split View and more

Following the recent launch of our brand new design for Skype for iPhone and iPad (thank you for the app store feedback and ratings so far!), we’re excited to update both apps today with full iOS9 compatibility and the release of three new features:

Use Slide Over and Split View to get things done together – Millions of people use Skype every day to share URLs and photos. iOS9’s new Split View and Slide Over capabilities let you use Skype while using another app alongside it, making sharing your content even better. Imagine you’re planning a night out in London with a group of friends using IM or a group voice call. Now you can share links to bars and restaurants and decide on the best place to meet without having to leave the app, just click on the shared content and bring it alongside your Skype conversation. It’s a great way to get things done together.

Skype for iPad

Reply … without opening Skype – You can now reply to your Skype chats directly from a notification on your lock screen. Make sure you have your Skype notifications on (go to: Settings > Notifications > Skype > Allow Notifications. Then choose whether you want Banners) to try this out.

Start a Skype chat from Spotlight – We’ve made it easier to start a Skype conversation direct from Spotlight search. Search for a contact in Spotlight and, if you have them on Skype, they’ll show up in your Spotlight search results. Tap your Skype contact to start Skype and get straight to a chat.

To make this feature more useful, make sure you’ve chosen to automatically add friends to Skype (open Skype > tap your My Info > Settings > then select Automatically add friends). We’ll check to see if people in your address book already use Skype – and if they do, we’ll add them to your Skype contact list so you can call them on Skype for free!

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