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Skype Translator Preview App Brings Our World a Little Closer by Introducing French and German

In May of 2014, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, introduced Skype Translator preview to the world by demonstrating an early version of German. Today, we are happy to announce that we are once again breaking down language barriers by introducing French and German to the line-up of spoken languages available in the Skype Translator preview app. Please download the latest version of the Skype Translator preview app from the Windows store and try the new languages.

We are now breaking down more language barriers, and bringing the world closer together, by offering six spoken Skype Translator languages – English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish – along with 50 instant messaging languages.

Many of our early adopters have described their experience using Skype Translator as magical; the first time you see someone’s face who hears a translated conversation, they just light-up.
Please watch a story from one of our partners – a non-profit organization, Pro Mujer who is using Skype Translator with their international teams.
With the addition of French and German, there are now even more reasons to experience the excitement and impact that Skype Translator can bring to your conversations.

The Microsoft research team had its own magical moment a few months ago, and it all started with one very determined Microsoft researcher, who happens to be deaf. He used the Skype Translator preview app with his wife and her spoken words were converted to text (close-caption) in near real time. He was able to respond right back to her conversation, in text, using the app’s instant messaging capabilities.  Having this conversation with his wife over Skype Translator, was a life-changing, magical experience for both of them.

Please watch this inspiring story, highlighting Microsoft researcher Ted Hart, and how he discovered a transformative scenario using Skype Translator.
This use of Skype Translator has impacted his own life profoundly, and has the potential to impact the lives of millions more around the world who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Thank you for all the great feedback we have received on Skype Translator.  We look forward to your feedback on the newest additions to the Skype Translator spoken language family – French and German. Please visit to learn more about Skype Translator.

Please watch this helpful video, on how to set-up the Skype Translator preview app, for people with hearing loss.

You can download the Skype Translator preview application here and visit the community forum to provide feedback or ask questions.

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