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Skype and Get a Huge Overhaul – A Redesigned Skype for

Some of you may have heard about an update to that features a refined inbox, upgraded calendar and new version of Skype. We have been listening to your feedback to work on this redesigned, improved experience. We did not want to limit this new Skype experience to the new preview audience, and starting today, we are rolling out the latest version of Skype for all customers. This updated version of Skype, which is still in the beta phase, aims to make it easier for you to use Skype together with your inbox.

Clicking on the Skype icon opens the Skype sidebar. From here, you can see which friends are online, view recent conversations and search for people on Skype. If you’re new to Skype, finding contacts is simple – click on the magnifying glass in the sidebar to search for and add contacts directly in


Pick up 1:1 conversations or group chats where they left off by clicking on the corresponding bubble on the right. Don’t worry; all of your Skype chat messages are synchronized across all of your devices.


Press the call button to make 1:1 voice or video calls. Before your first call, all you need to do is install our browser plug-in.


In the coming months, this new version of Skype will be available in every inbox. We’re always looking to improve your experience on Skype and we care about your feedback. We’d love to hear from you on the Skype Community with any questions or concerns. Also, you can always find us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates and share your thoughts.

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