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Skype 7.5 for Mac – New Language Support Makes Communications Available to More People

Today we’re pleased to release Skype 7.5 for Mac. This update adds 14 new languages allowing more people in different parts of the world to communicate using Skype. We also fixed a bunch of crash issues and significantly reduced CPU consumption from animated emoticons, making the app more stable and efficient. The full list of features and fixes includes:


  • Support of 14 new languages, including Hindi, Turkish, Czech, Ukrainian, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Indonesian, Catalan, Croatian, Slovak, Vietnamese, Thai and Malay.


Fixed Issues

Category Description
Messaging Fixed an issue causing the input field to occasionally disappear
Messaging Fixed an issue causing high CPU usage when animating emoticons
Voice Fixed an issue preventing call UI from coming up when making a call soon after signing in
Screen Sharing Fixed an issue causing screen flickering when the shared window is off-screen
Application Fixed several crash issues
Application Reduced instances of App Nap preventing Skype from reconnecting


Known Issue

Category Description Current Workaround
Screen Sharing Screen-sharing not received after pausing and resuming of a call n/a

As always, we are working hard on addressing your feedback as well as introducing new features to make your Skype experience even better. Please download the new Skype for Mac now, give it a try and continue to share your feedback with us. To share your feedback and get the latest news and tips, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join the conversations over on the Skype Community.

Note: Skype 7.5 for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.9 or above.

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