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Qik 1.4: Share your videos with even more people in more places

With every update, we are working hard to give you more ways to use and share the clips you record in Qik. Your videos are yours, and you should be able to do whatever you want with them. Now you can share them to your favorite app or social network right from within Qik, without having to save them to your camera roll first.

Select one of your videos and tap on the ^ menu and now you’ll see a share menu. This uses your phone’s built in share option to send your video to whatever apps and accounts are registered for sharing video on your phone. You aren’t limited to what we choose for you: you’re free to share to any video platform YOU choose on your phone.

We also snuck in a Valentine’s Day surprise, so be sure to check out in the app on the 14th and see how Qik can play cupid for you.

The new sharing feature is available for iPhone and Android at this time. Windows Phone users – stay tuned! We’re hard at work writing a totally new version for you that will be better than ever. We can’t wait to share the new Windows Phone version with you within the next couple months.

Download the latest versions of Qik from the Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. And share your thoughts in the Skype Community, we love hearing user feedback.

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