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-Stay Together- 成長する子供たちのファミリー写真


今回「Stay Together」シリーズで紹介するのは、ロサンゼルスに住むジュリアちゃんとブラジルに住むマリーナちゃんの Skype ストーリーです。 2 人は従姉妹どうしですが、親友どうしでもあります。 ジュリアちゃんは 10 歳、マリ Read more

Discover Brazil’s Culinary Secrets with Top Food Blogger

Tom le Mesurier

As a main host city for this summer’s World Cup and the site of the next Olympics, Rio de Janeiro is one the most celebrated places on the planet. That said, most people don’t actually know much about Rio beyond the clichés of beaches, bikinis, and Carnaval. Fortunately, intrepid bloggers like Tom Le Mesurier at … Read more

Le B.A-BA de Skype pour Windows 8.1

Cela fait maintenant longtemps que Skype pour Windows 8 est disponible, et pourtant tout le monde n’a pas le même niveau de connaissance. Pour s’assurer que vous avez toutes les cartes en mains pour utiliser au mieux Skype pour Windows 8, voici quelques astuces. Je suis à l’aise avec Skype et Windows 8 Si vous … Read more

Skype for Modern Windows 2.7, with Multiple Ways to Manage Your Availability

Today we have released a new version of Skype for modern Windows. Managing a busy life is hard and sometimes you just want to plug out. Here are some options to manage your availability: Invisible – When you select to be invisible you can still get incoming messages but without others knowing you’re around to … Read more

Fami ポート で「Skype クレジット 春のキャンペーン」を実施!


ただいまファミリーマート店舗に設置しているマルチメディア 端末 Fami ポートで、1,000 円以上の「Skype クレジット」を購入すると、購入金額 20% 分の「Skype クレジット」がもれなくもらえる「Skype クレジット 春の Read more

Skype lança nova solução para emissoras de TV

  Estamos muito felizes por anunciar uma nova solução do Skype para emissoras de TV, que estará disponível no ano que vem. Esta oferta é resultado da recente aquisição da nossa parceira de transmissão de longa data, a Cat and Mouse. Adicionamos mais coisas à tecnologia da Cat and Mouse para entregar integração de hardware … Read more

Emoticons: Privat oder auch beruflich?

Wir wissen von euch, dass ihr die Skype Emoticons liebt! Einerseits bereiten sie eurem Gesprächspartner Freude und helfen andererseits dabei, Gefühle auszudrücken, die häufig nur schwer in Worte zufassen sind. In privaten Sofortnachrichten sind Emoticons gang und gäbe und nahezu jeder Skype-Nutzer verwendet sie. Aber passen Emoticons auch in die geschäftliche Kommunikation mit Kollegen, Vorgesetzten … Read more

Skype Delivers a New Solution for Broadcasters


Today, we’re excited to announce a new solution for broadcasters from Skype, available in the coming year. This improved offering is a result of Skype’s recent acquisition of our long-time broadcast partner Cat and Mouse. We’ve built on the existing Cat and Mouse technology to deliver a high quality hardware and software Skype integration direct … Read more

Skype Salutes Heroes from Captain America to a 10-year-old Orphan


Captain America derives his superpowers from a special serum. But for everyday heroes, the kind who don’t grace the big screen but still make a big difference in the lives of others, it’s most often education that empowers them. In celebration of the release of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the spirit of heroism, Skype … Read more

Apresentamos o novo Skype para Windows Phone 8.1 e avanços no Skype para Windows 8.1

  Essa semana, na Microsoft Build Conference, em San Francisco, os melhores e mais brilhantes da comunidade de desenvolvedores reuniram-se para saber mais sobre o futuro da plataforma Microsoft, atualizações de produtos e oportunidades. A Microsoft anunciou o Windows Phone 8.1, que foi reinventado em torno do usuário. E para o Skype é um prazer se … Read more

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