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La rutina laboral no sería igual sin Skype

Ya hemos escrito sobre lo fácil que es hacer llamadas con Skype, o como buscar contactos. Muchas veces no nos damos cuenta de todo lo que utilizamos ciertas herramientas, ni de cómo cambiaría nuestra forma de trabajar si no las tuviéramos.  Hoy vamos a revisar cómo te ayuda Skype en tu entorno laboral. Enviar un … Read more

Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier Characters Assemble As Skype Icons


Emoticons have been gracing Skype chats since 2004. You’ve told us you love these fun faces, expressions and icons because they add an extra flair to conversations, and you’re always clamoring for new additions. So, today, we’re excited to let you know that Skype emoticons are adopting new “hidden heroes” alter egos, transforming into characters … Read more

Was passiert, wenn man Skype 24 Stunden am Stück nutzt

Skype Around the World

Die Schüler im 1500-Seelen-Dorf Epsom im australischen Nirgendwo haben nicht besonders viele Nachbarn und auch  ihr Heimatland Australien hat keine direkt angrenzenden Nachbarn. Jenny Ashby ist Grundschullehrerin in Epsom und nahm sich das Thema „Nachbarschaft“ zum Anlass für das Schulprojekt „Skype um die Welt in 24 Stunden“. Bereits zum dritten Mal veranstaltete Jenny einen 24-stündigen … Read more

Skype Labs: Five Years of Innovation

Can you imagine a world without numbers? The Pirahã people, in the northwest jungle of Brazil, have one of the world’s few examples of an anumeric language. Think about how difficult it would be in our everyday lives, or on Skype, to express quantities only through approximations, as do the Pirahã. By looking at a … Read more

Skype in the Classroom Builds Friendships across Borders


When students at St. Anselm Catholic Elementary School in Toronto sang, “I love you in the morning and in the afternoon” through a Skype video call to their new friends at an orphanage in Uganda, time zones and differences melted away. The call was part of the CHAT to the Future program, which regularly connects … Read more

A Workday Without Skype Isn’t Much of a Workday At All

I recently wrote about taking things for granted, like how easy it is to start a Skype call. That got me thinking about other things I take for granted while working at Skype, and one of them is Skype itself. I would really struggle through my work day without Skype and in the tips below, … Read more

Share Your Style in the Boyfriend Jeans Challenge


When it comes to fashion, it’s easy to stay on top of the latest trends, but developing an iconic personal style is a challenge. As style icon Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” A quick Skype video call, photo share, or video message are the most efficient ways to compare … Read more

Skype Is the Perfect Way To Share Wonderful Experiences

Monica Suma

Skype has been part of my life ever since I moved to New York City eight years ago. What began as a way to stay in touch with friends and family back home in Romania, evolved in a daily ritual to stay connected with people around the world, whether home in NYC or on the … Read more

Skype for Modern Windows 2.6: Fast Cross Device Syncing of Your Messages and Calls

A new version of Skype for modern Windows is now available in the Windows Store. With this update, if you have Skype running on multiple devices, your read chats and picked up calls will sync automatically. Got that ring? When you pick up a call on any device and your modern Skype is on, the … Read more

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