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A Hop, A Skype and a Jump to Windows 8.1

If you haven’t made the jump yet from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, what’re you waiting for? I call it a jump but really it’s more of a short hop. Your files, desktop applications, user accounts and settings will come with you and you can keep working while the update is taking place, so you … Read more

¿Eres nuevo en Skype? ¿Tienes dudas o problemas para entrar en Skype?

Últimamente hemos comprobado que ha aumentado el número de preguntas de usuarios en la Comunidad de Skype acerca de cómo iniciar sesión en Skype  y la recuperación de contraseñas. Así que os incluimos a continuación una actualización de cómo resolver los problemas para entrar en Skype. Como ha habido varios cambios en el modo de … Read more

Songwriter Uses Skype to Help Students Weather the Storm

Harsh winter weather in the Southeastern U.S. recently forced students and teachers in some cities to spend the night in their classrooms. Roger Day, a father of three and an award-winning children’s singer and songwriter who lives in Nashville, Tennessee heard about these snowed-in students. He knew music would bring comfort and joy to the anxious … Read more


格安で電話に通話ができる「Skypeクレジット」の日本国内通話料金が以下のように変更になりました。 以前よりも、さらに安くなりました。(ブログ内の画像はクリックすると拡大表示できます) Skypeから日本の固定電話への通話は1分あたり2.2 Read more

Battling the Winter Blues with Skype


Paralyzing ice and snow storms continue to pummel much of the United States. Detroit had a record 39.1 inches of snow during the month of January, and even cities unaccustomed to the cold are locked in a chilly standoff with Mother Nature. While the winter weather has wreaked havoc on highways, city services and school … Read more

Chat do Skype: cada vez melhor, todos os dias

Com as melhorias técnicas que temos planejadas para o Skype nos dispositivos móveis, mais e mais pessoas poderão levar o Skype com elas para qualquer lugar.  O chat do Skype é uma grande parte desse futuro, por isso hoje é um prazer compartilhar novidades sobre uma série de melhorias na nossa experiência de chat. Sabemos … Read more

Love Conquers Distance with Skype

LDR Skype

Long-distance romance used to be considered a one-way ticket to a broken heart. But this Valentine’s Day we are happy to announce that far-flung lovers are feeling closer with a little help from Skype. Last month, Microsoft’s Idea Lab conducted a survey in the US and UK and found that 96 percent of respondents said … Read more

Do You Use Skype Everywhere?

We all know that Skype makes it easy to stay in touch with family and friends, no matter how close or far away; Skype calls from the laptop or desktop computer are an integral part of many relationships. But there are more ways to enjoy the versatility of Skype than sitting in front of a … Read more

5 idées pour pimenter votre relation longue-distance lors de la Saint-Valentin

C’est la Saint-Valentin ! Ce qui signifie que les couples vont mettre leurs différends de côté, essayer d’être le plus agréable et romantique possible ; pour les couples qui vivent une relation longue distance, les attentions particulières et les efforts ne se font pas que sur 24h – au contraire, ces relations ont besoin d’être … Read more

Новые возможности чата Skype

improved chat 2

Благодаря новейшим технологиям, помогающим создавать дорогу в будущее, возможность пользоваться Skype за пределами дома или офиса становится доступной все более широкому кругу людей. Будущее Skype сложно представить без чата, поэтому мы с нетерпением хотим рассказать вам о новых возможностях чата Skype. Мы знаем, что у многих людей, использующих для доступа в Skype несколько устройств одновременно, … Read more

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