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Frank Bell and Samir Maamari Jam over Skype

During a recent Skype jam session, Skype Music Ambassador Frank Bell and fellow Music Moment Maker Samir Mamaari showed us technology’s potential to aid musical collaboration.

Frank explained that collaboration is a crucial part of the songwriting process for musicians, saying, “Songwriting is about being open with someone and their ideas, and Skype allows that type of open collaboration.”

Joining the Skype jam session from New York, Frank mixes funk, rhythm and blues to create the type of song that likes getting suck in a listener’s head.

Samir joined the jam session from France. He is a progressive metal guitarist, and in technical terms, he shreds.

Samir explained his musical style by saying that, “progressive metal and any progressive music looks past genres for influences.”

When Samir and Frank began to play, no one needed to define genres or talk about their vastly different musical styles – the music spoke for itself in real time.

During their short jam, the two managed to merge their styles together and meet in the middle of the musical spectrum. Both artists, who are contstantly looking for inspiration, proved that a simple Skype jam session can aid their search for musical inspiration.

The two took time to talk shop. Samir showed Frank his seven string electric guitar with scalloped frets – the type of instrument meant to sweep through solos and scales with surgical precision. In addition to seven-string-scalloped-shredding, Samir teaches music lessons over Skype and currently focuses on progressive metal with his group, TimeBend Project.

Frank helped summarize the jam session by saying that, “We both listen to good music, and good music transcends genres.”

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