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Skype 5.5 for iPhone: Answer Skype calls in an instant

The newest version of Skype for iPhone takes advantage of extensions in iOS 8 to deliver interactive notifications. You can now answer voice and videos calls as well as jump right to text conversations to reply all from the lock screen and notification center.

From the lock screen, swiping left on a notification will reveal your options.

iphone 1 iphone 3 iphone2 iphone4

From the notification center (including the drop down while using your phone), swiping down on the notification will reveal the same options.

Once you have selected an option, Skype will launch to complete it.

iphone5 iphone 8 iphone 7 iphone 6

For incoming calls, you can choose to answer with voice or video.

For missed calls you can return the call or send a message.

And for incoming messages, you can jump right to the text box to reply.

We are excited to offer this feature, and expect to take advantage of many of the other new integrations offered in iOS 8 in coming releases. Have a great idea that you want to share? Let us know via the new iOS Ideas group in the Skype Community. To get the latest news and tips, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve not yet downloaded the latest version of Skype for iPhone, you can get the update from the App Store – all you’ll need is iOS 7 or later.

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