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Skype TX released to manufacturing – hardware partners announced

Back in April at NAB Las Vegas, we announced a new solution specifically designed for broadcasters allowing them to use Skype within production: Skype TX. Today, we’re delighted to announce its release to manufacturing whilst also welcoming three brand new hardware partners to the Skype family: NewTek, Quicklink and Riedel.

Since we first announced the service, we have been working hard with our new partners to make sure that together we’re able to deliver the best service on the market for broadcasters. With Skype TX, program producers can connect Skype users and easily integrate them directly into their production environment. We’re able to bring a new dimension to their production and help create and inspire a brand new generation of media moments by:

  • Seamlessly adding full-frame Skype video and audio via SDI
  • Optimizing the experience for the broadcast workflow
  • Being cost effective for use in studio and outside broadcast integration
  • Operating in a dynamic environments, including call handling management for multiple, simultaneous Skype calls on one management interface, plus operator previews, auto fall back to still and call quality monitoring

Skype TX is a core part of our Skype in Media offering and enables a wide variety of programme formats specifically designed for broadcasters. We are onsite at IBC Conference in Amsterdam with our new partners, demonstrating how broadcasters can use Skype TX. For more information on how Skype TX can enrich your broadcast and media programming, please visit for further information.

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