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Skype tips for selfie fans

Like I mentioned in my recent post about where to find new contacts – Skype is used by a huge variety of people. Different people are also likely to use Skype in different ways depending on their needs. To help address those needs I wrote Skype tips for frequent flyers and Skype tips if you’re spending time abroad a little while ago.

Today I’m once again writing tips with a group of people in mind: selfie fans. There are some new features to talk about as well as some tried and tested favorites, so let’s get going.

Photo sharing on Windows Phone and iPhone

With recent updates of Skype for iOS and Skype for Windows Phone, we’ve made improvements to the way you share your photos with friends. On the latest version of Skype for both of those devices you can send your selfies, holiday snaps, or any other picture to your contacts even when they’re offline.

To send a photo simply open a conversation with a contact or group and tap

Combined add buttons

Video messaging

Sure, you have strong selfie game, but are you ready to take it to another level with a video message? The sights, the sounds, the lights, the action – you can capture them all and send them over to your contacts in a flash.

When we launched this feature I wrote about the new ways video messages allow people to make use of Skype such as sending the ultimate wish-you-were-here postcard. Just jump in front of that lens and record a quick message, wherever you or your friend are in the world.

To get started, take a look at these guides to sending a video message for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.

Hotkey for call snapshots

If you switch from your phone to your computer to make your video calls, there’s no need for the selfie fun to stop there. With hotkeys in Skype for Windows desktop you can set Skype to take a snapshot of your active video call with the touch of a button.

Learn more about using hotkeys in Skype for Windows desktop.

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