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Got pet peeves? Share them to win

Do you wonder what your pets do when you’re away? Have you ever thought about spying on them using Skype video calling? It’s easy (and free) to check in on your pets over Skype – and you just might catch them up to some monkey business, which would make the perfect entry in Skype’s new Pet Pet Peeve Contest!


I love talking with fellow pet lovers about their pets – and almost everyone has one (OK, sometimes more than one) behavior that they’d like to change in their pets. I recently hosted a Skype group video call with fellow Moment Makers pet owners where I helped to solve their pets’ most peevish behaviors.

 pet gvc

What strange or frustrating behavior does your pet exhibit? Does your dog fence fight with the neighbor’s dog? Or does he tear up your shoes? Does your cat want to sleep in the sink? Or does she prefer to just knock everything off your dresser?

If your dog, cat, or other pet has a somewhat quirky behavior that’s a pet peeve of yours, we’d love to see it! The new Pet Pet Peeve Contest is your chance to share that quirky behavior – from the lovable ones (like your cat’s insistence on sleeping in the laundry basket) to the frustrating ones (like the pawing at the door your dog does the moment you sit down to watch your favorite TV show).

Or maybe you’d like to travel with your dog but your dog has some hurdles that you feel need to be resolved before you and your four-legged best friend are ready to hit the road together? Just today, we were eating lunch at a restaurant with Tiki when a waitress asked us how long it took for us to train Tiki to be so calm in a restaurant. She wanted to travel with her dog but was afraid that he would be jumping on the table or begging for food.

I’ll be talking with the three finalists in the Pet Pet Peeve Contest over a Skype group video call to help resolve their pet peeve – and one of those finalists will be the winner of a $1,000 gift card for their favorite pet supply store! I can’t wait to see everyone’s photos about their pets’ quirkiest behaviors—and talk with them to help turn that pet peeve into a pet plus!



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