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Skype gives Guardians of the Galaxy fans an out-of-this-world experience

For a die-hard Marvel fan, waiting for the next film to come out can feel like a lifetime. Thanks to a little help from Skype, not only did fans of Guardians of the Galaxy get to see the movie long before its release, they also got closer than they ever thought possible to the cast and crew.

Group video call with the cast and crew

Skype Moment Maker and comic enthusiast, Amy Dalen, hosted a Skype group video call with the cast and crew of Guardians of the Galaxy. Moment Maker and comic vlogger, Neil McNeil joined the call along with Nathan Elliot and Jamie Hari from Wikia and contest winner Alden Diaz whose Skype video message to the cast won him a spot on the call.

As an aspiring film director, being on a video call with cast and crew was an unforgettable opportunity for Diaz:

“Thank you so much to Amy and the whole team. It was easily one of the best days I’ve had in my 18 years. [Being] a part of the press production was a really fun learning experience,” said Diaz.

Skype brings Hollywood to New York

While Moment Makers Jonathan London of Geekscape along with Omar Najam and Mia Resella of 2 Broke Geeks, walked the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere, Skype hosted a simultaneous premiere in New York. During the New York premiere in Flatiron Plaza, Skype honored the true guardians of the Big Apple by giving a special award to the Police Athletic League, a non-profit organization that provides law enforcement with the means to serve underprivileged youth in their communities. People who passed by were invited to pose alongside characters from the film for a chance to win a seat at the screening.

Throughout the premiere, Skype served as a link between Guardians of the Galaxy fans in Los Angeles and New York’s comic aficionados. Using Skype video calling, kids from the Police Athletic League and people passing by Flatiron Plaza had the chance to interview the stars walking the red carpet in Los Angeles.

After experiencing the energy of the premiere in Los Angeles, the 2 Broke Geeks couldn’t wait to make more Skype moments with their favorite comic characters:

“That was such a spectacular event. I am the happiest fankid in the world,” said Omar Najam after attending the Hollywood premiere.


Cosplay master class

Dressing up like your favorite superhero (or super villain) is a huge part of being a comic fan. With that in mind, Skype gave cosplayers the chance to share their Guardians of the Galaxy garb with a wider audience using file share and video messaging. Those with the best costumes got the exclusive opportunity to be on group video call with the film’s costume team. Not only did they get a cosplay master class with the pros, they also received tickets to the movie’s London or Los Angeles premieres so they could show off their new, screen-worthy costumes.


Skype screenings

By hosting screenings in Los Angeles and London, Skype made it possible for hundreds of Guardians of the Galaxy fans to see the movie before its official release to the public. Fans were so over the moon to see the film early that many arrived at the screening in full costume.





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