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Skype and Acer send fans on virtual adventures (and one real one)

The everyday grind can be monotonous. That’s why Skype is teaming up with Acer to bring intrigue to the daily lives of fans with an online scavenger hunt filled with prizes and adventure.

From July 30th through September 12th, those looking to break their mundane routine can add AcerExplorer5 on Skype to begin their virtual quest for a chance to win adventure-friendly Acer gear. One grand prize winner will take a real adventure (for two) in one of the most exciting cities in the world: New York City. To keep things interesting, everyone who takes on the scavenger hunt will win Skype credit.

Boring to exploring

Those who add the Skype ID will receive a series of challenges that test wit, intellect and creativity. Some challenges will require adventurers to uncover information online: The Acer Aspire E 11 laptop is thin and light, so you can tuck it in your bag and have it with you wherever life’s adventures take you.  Use Bing Maps to give us the name of the airport at these coordinates, one of Europe’s busiest: 50.050560,8.564420 O

thers ask you to send in some information or create some content of your own: The Acer Aspire E 11 has a stylish, smart design. Your assignment: Share your most stylish outfit. Send us a picture of it to complete this challenge. The Acer Aspire E11 is perfect for work or play. What dream job would make you feel like your work was play?

No matter what the challenge may be, everyone who takes on an Acer Adventure wins something. They’ll also be entered for the chance to win a stylish, portable and versatile Aspire Switch 10 from Acer — perfect for any adventure you might take.

Embark now

Bags packed? Let’s get started. For every successfully completed challenge, adventurers will be entered for a chance to win an Acer laptop, tablet or trip to New York. Participants hungry for adventure can complete up to five challenges for five chances to win prizes any explorer would envy. Stay updated on everything happening during the Acer Adventure, or follow #AcerSweeps on Twitter.

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