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Skype is the perfect way to show your city pride

Are you proud of where you live? We bet you are!  So many people love their cities – the landscape, the strong sense of community, the cultural scene, and the little unknown hideaways only locals know about.

To reflect this city pride, Skype Photography Ambassador Chaucee Stillman and four Moment Makers are about to embark on the Skype City Sights photocollaboration. We asked Skype users to share their stunning cityscapes with us to nominate their city to be part of the project – we chose four to be featured. Moment Makers from each of the four cities who share Chaucee’s passion for photography will work with her on this Skype-powered international collaboration. Mayra Hurtado will be sharing her home city of Guadalajara, Mexico, Rachel Japiassu will be photographing the sights in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Zeta Tsakoumi will be shooting stunning images of Athens, Greece while Jennifer Logue will be capturing Philadelphia, USA.

We all know that collaborating remotely can be challenging — unless you have Skype on your side. Chaucee will use Skype on her mobile phone to guide the Moment Makers throughout the collaboration. She’ll share what she’d like them to photograph, divvy out photography tips and select the best shots. With the help of Skype IM, file share, video calling and even group video calling (now free), distance will be no barrier for these photographers looking to simultaneously capture the beauty of cities across the globe. You can take part in this collaborative project! Vote on your favorite photos on and keep up with what we’re doing by following #SkypeCitySights on Twitter and Instagram.


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