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Update Skype now to improve your experience

At Skype, our goal is to be the best way for friends, families, loved ones, and colleagues to communicate whether across the globe or across the street. Over the past year, we’ve introduced lots of exciting new ways to bring people together, such as free group video calls, video messaging and chat enhancements.

We want everyone to experience the best Skype has to offer – from enhanced quality to better reliability to the latest security updates – and the newest version of Skype is the way to do that. So everyone can benefit from the latest improvements, we’ll retire older versions of Skype across all platforms, including mobile devices, in the near future. It’s easy to update Skype; once you do, you’ll have access to the latest features our team has worked hard to deliver.

We told you about some of the great features available with the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop, like syncing read and unread messages across devices, as well as sending and receiving messages even when your contacts are offline. We’ve brought these and other capabilities – like battery savings, fast app resume, improved audio and video quality, the latest security updates, increased reliability and our modern user interface – across all other platforms too.

To keep chatting, sharing and doing things together on Skype with the people you care about most, download the latest version of Skype today. It’s easy to do – all you need is to follow the instructions for the platform you’re using. You’ll need the Skype Name and password of your Skype account or your Microsoft account username and password; if you’ve forgotten them, here’s where they can be retrieved.

We’re committed to bringing more great experiences across all platforms that gets you closer to the people you care about most.

If you need help, visit the Skype Support or Community sites.

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