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Which nation will reign supreme? Football experts debate in a Skype group video call

Who would win in a fútbol match between Brazil and Argentina? Which player will have the most goals this tournament? Which are the up-and-coming teams to watch over the next years?

These are just a few of the topics debated among global football (soccer, for the Americans and Aussies out there) experts on a recent Skype group video call.

GVC snip_2

Now that the pros have matched wits, we encourage fans, no matter where in the world they live, to jump on their own free group video call and join in on the great football debate. Tell us what you think – using #SkypeDebates on Facebook or Twitter – for a chance to make group video calls on your own brand new Xbox One.

Check out the experts’ group video call debate:

The debate was hosted by Jonathan Stevenson in London. He’s a football journalist and live commentator for LiveWire Sport. For many years, Jonathan covered football for the BBC.

The other participants are Jonathan Harding in Germany, who calls sports “life’s greatest metaphor;” Will Parchman, a staff writer for in the United States; Reshad Bahadori, the Digital Marketing Manager of, also in the United States and Samir Maamari, a French musician and tireless football fan.

Almost half of the world population will tune into to watch at least a few minutes of football this month. Such widespread participation means that millions of fans (including millions more who don’t regularly watch the sport) develop impassioned insights as to how and why their team will win, who’s the best player, the appropriate punishment for biting, how to deal with “flopping” and more.

Get the banter going amongst your own group of football expert friends. Watch our short “how to” video and learn to set up your own free group video call in under a minute!

More about group video calling:

The call can be between three and 10 people, depending on the device. For best quality, we recommend up to five people. A fair usage policy applies. Group video calling is currently available on Windows desktop, Mac and Xbox One platforms. It will be coming soon on other platforms. Find out more.


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