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Skype 2.19 for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8

Today we’re pleased to introduce some exciting new capabilities in the Skype 2.19 update for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. This update includes Cortana integration and video upgrade preview improvements for Windows Phone 8.1, and increased language support from 19 to 51 languages, fast app resume, and improved notifications for both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

Easily start Skype calls on the go with Windows Phone 8.1

  • Start Skype calls on the go with Cortana:

Cortana is the new personal assistant on Windows Phone 8.1 who keeps you closer to the people and things who matter most. Now you can start Skype video and audio calls by simply asking Cortana something like “Skype get Lara Kingwell on the screen”. Cortana is currently available in the US on Windows Phone 8.1.

  • See your Skype notifications in the Action Centre:

Swipe down in Windows Phone 8.1 to see your email, text, social media and now Skype updates in the Action Center.

An experience centered on your conversations

  • Increased language support:

In version 2.19 we’ve increased the language support from 19 to 51 languages, meaning that even more people can connect on Skype for Windows Phone than ever before. Read more on the Skype Support page.

  • Edit message:

In response to user feedback, we’ve included the ability to edit your last sent message.

  • Improved notifications and fast app resume:

We’ve improved the performance of push notifications, to get you quickly back into the conversations you care about.

We’re always looking to improve your experience on Skype and pay close attention to your feedback. We’d love to hear your ideas for Skype for Windows Phone, so feel free to post them here, and to get the latest news and tips, follow us on Twitterand Facebook, or join us on the Skype Community.

Get the updated version now from the Windows Phone Store.

8 thoughts on “Skype 2.19 for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8

  1. We cannot send files via Skype on Windows 8 Phone where Android users can do it fine. Why?

  2. Transparent Tile guys please.

  3. Great work. Still missing: Listen to voicemails and geting notification for missed calls.

  4. My biggest complaint about the Skype app is the limited number of messages in the chat history. I know you can’t load too many when the app launches for performance reasons, but could you maybe add a “Get more messages” button at the top of the currently loaded messages? Thanks!

  5. I want a notification’s online contacts too…….On Windows Phone ( with the Hub Contacts ) and Windows 8.1 a notification as the Desktop versione ( for example: ” Johnny is online” ) because it’s uneasier.

  6. Fast app resume IS NOT fast. 4 – 8 seconds is an eternity on mobile. Come…. on……

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