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Skype gives fans the experience of a lifetime at Bonnaroo

Last weekend, nearly 80,000 music fans gathered in Manchester, TN for the 2014 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Each day was packed with performances from artists such as ZZ Ward, Sam Smith, Arctic Monkeys and global music icons such as Elton John. From country music lovers to die-hard rock-and-roll fanatics, Skype and XBOX provided a unique, music-fueled experience for all Bonnaroovians— both at the festival and at home. We asked fans to send questions to their favorite Bonnaroo performers using Skype video messaging from their computers or mobile devices or in the Skype recording booth at the festival. All these exclusive artist interviews are available on the Bonnaroo XBOX App and you can check out some of the best right here. Musicians such as Cage the Elephant and Damon Albarn answer questions from you, their fans.

Didn’t make it down to the ‘Roo this year or can’t wait to go back? We’re giving you the opportunity to attend the 2015 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival! Sign up for music exclusive and two tickets could be yours:

Bonnaroo attendees took refuge from the heat (and rain) under the roof of the Xbox Game Stage where they had the chance to trial new games and watch live streams of Bonnaroo performances. Bonnaroo photo 1 As Bonnaroovians made their way to the Skype recording booth to submit questions for their favorite artists, we helped them stay cool and dry with Skype shades, sunscreen and ponchos.   Skype also welcomed two new faces to the Moment Maker community. Megan Elliot and Kimberly Baugh, the creators behind the blogs Lush to Blush and Lockeland Springsteen, joined us for four days of festival adventures. Take a look at all of their activities on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #SkypeShare. Bonnaroo photo 3 For fashion blogger Megan Elliot, Bonnaroo delivered unforgettable moments. Bonnaroo photo 4“I’m not sure if any experience can top my first year at Bonnaroo. From some of my favorite comedians to Ben Howard, Capital Cities and Elton John, I have had the experience of a lifetime. Bonnaroo is something I’ll never forget and after dreaming of going for 5+ years, it far exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait for my next music festival!” Bonnaroo photo 7   “The four day adventure that was Bonnaroo can only be classified as a real trip. Although we had the luxury of shuttling to and from the hotel, we were still getting down and dirty in the sun all four days for the love of music. As someone who is as passionate about music as I am, it was an unforgettable experience and the memories I made are simply priceless. Thanks to Skype, I was able to celebrate many different types of music as well as see legendary performers like Elton John, Jack White, and Kanye West while sharing my experiences through social media. And, probably most memorably, able to meet Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys–one of my favorite bands for the past decade! Now to plan the next music venture that awaits!” You can catch more artist interviews on Bonnaroo’s Xbox app or watch them all here: Be sure to also follow Skype on Twitter via @Skype and @SkypeMoments or on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. Until next year! Bonnaroo photo 6

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