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Adding a contact with the least possible actions

You know that feeling, you’re running a few minutes behind schedule and you’ve arranged a Skype call with someone. You start up your computer and realize that you don’t have the person in your contact list and time is wasting.

To help you out in just such circumstances, this next post in my Least Possible Actions series will show you the fastest way to add a contact in Skype on Windows. If you missed the previous posts, feel free to catch up on the least possible actions series.

As always, I’ll list the requirements you’ll need to have ready, the method of adding a contact and a few words of discussion.


To use this method for adding a contact, you will need:


  1. Start Skype.

Skype Home

  1. Type the Skype name or email address of your contact and press enter.
  2. Click or tap search Skype.


  1. Click or tap your contact in the results.

Search results

  1. Click or tap add to contacts.

Add to contacts

  1. Click or tap send.

Send contact request


If you don’t have Windows 8 and Skype for modern Windows, you can complete this action almost as quickly in Skype for Windows desktop. You’ll need a shortcut to Skype on your desktop or taskbar and you’ll need to have automatic sign-in enabled. The method is very similar after that, the only additional step is selecting the search field above your contact list before you start step 2.

If you’ve got a faster way of adding a Skype contact on Windows, let me know about it in the comments or in the Skype Community.

2 thoughts on “Adding a contact with the least possible actions

  1. This does NOT work for me….I had a contact on Skype 2 years already….she is still there but contact area is grey???? she has not shared her detailswith you…send request. Both of us have done this over 10 requests each and STILL NO CONTACT visable. do you have any suggestions please

    • Matthew de Beer said 2 years ago

      Hi Milena,

      Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty adding your friend. If you see a contact in your list then you’ve taken the right steps to add a new contact, so the issue seems to be that she’s not receiving your contact request.

      The first thing to double check is to make sure that your contact request is going to the right person. If you’re searching for her by name in the Skype directory, try searching by her Skype name or email address instead for greater accuracy.

      If you’re still having difficulty after that, the Skype Community is a great place to ask for further assistance.

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