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The ultimate guide to acing a Skype job interview

Lauren Berger InternQueen

College has ended. Now what?

Lauren BergerSearching for a job is ridiculously stressful. But it doesn’t have to be, especially with help from someone who’s been in your shoes. Lauren Berger, founder of and Microsoft Windows spokesperson, shares insights on job-hunting in the digital age as well as how to land the career of your dreams.

What is all about and why did you get into this field?

I completed 15 internships in college before landing my first job. I founded because I found there was a lack of internship resources for college kids. My goal is to help them be successful— anything is possible!

How has the career and networking space changed since your days in college?

Job seekers today are using tech to research companies, track them on social media and reach out about informational interviews – often via Skype. Being knowledgeable about the latest programs, apps, and devices helps you stand out.

Skype interview tips 1

How can students and job seekers use technology to their advantage in today’s job market?

The easiest way to get the edge in today’s job market: sync your laptop, phone and tablet!

I’ve found OneNote to be really helpful during the research stage of the job search. It gathers everything – notes, pictures, links – and syncs it in one spot. Cloud storage is a MUST! I use OneDrive to keep important documents and photos at my fingertips (perfect for résumés). And I encourage students to get comfortable using Skype – it’s the best solution for informational interviews and meetings with companies in different cities.

Any rookie Skype mistakes to avoid?

Remember to dress appropriately. Many people think they don’t need to wear pants, for example, but what if you need to stand up? Another thing – any Skype interview should be done in a controlled environment. Make sure the area is neat and your dog isn’t barking!

Skype Interview tips 4

 What’s your most recent Skype success story?

With Skype, you can explore the world while still working towards your future career. I worked with students this semester that were studying abroad in Australia and London. They wanted summer internships back in the U.S. and were able to conduct interviews via Skype to hire them!

Are there any other ways recent graduates can use technology in their day-to-day life to make the transition from college to the “real world” easier?

Once you leave dorm life, technology like Skype can help you stay in touch with friends wherever they are through IMs, voice and video calls.

It really is an imperative tool for almost anything you do, even once you land a job – my team at uses Skype every day!

Now get ready to conquer life after college and get the latest version of Skype.

Lauren Berger is the CEO and founder of and the author of two books, All Work and No Play and Welcome to the Real World.

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