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Skype 5.0: Remastered for iPhone

You were waiting for this, even if you didn’t know you were.

iPhone will soon join the redesigned Skype mobile app club, and we can’t wait for you to try it. The new Skype for iPhone is the most refined version yet. It has all the visual finish that iOS users expect, smooth animations and even a few features that aren’t just new for this version, but new to Skype altogether.

We’ve been working to provide a coherent experience no matter what device you use.  Skype 5.0 for iPhone shares a consistent look and feel with the Windows Phone and Android apps, while still optimizing for iOS’s unique strengths.

iPhone redesign

Just like the redesigned Skype for Android app, we took the opportunity to rewrite this new version from the ground up and customize it to fit iOS best. The new Skype for iPhone is redesigned to put your conversation at the center of a faster, smoother and far more integrated experience. Our designers AND engineers have obsessed over every pixel. Here’s what you can expect from the redesigned app:

  • Faster: You’ll notice the effort we’ve put into this overhaul as soon as you launch Skype 5.0 for iPhone. The new version is over 5 times faster than the old version.
  • Smoother: As you swipe from conversations through to your favorites and then back to your contacts lists, you’ll notice how smooth scrolling and transitioning from screen to screen is – with delightful little pops and animations punctuating them. All without degrading the performance and battery improvements we worked so hard to achieve.
  • More Integrated: Now, iPhone users can start group chats from the hub. And when you send messages or photos, it doesn’t matter if the recipient is offline. Everyone will see your message as soon as they are available again.
  • Smarter: We know our users are using Skype on multiple devices, and we want to make sure your Skype notifications keep pace with your conversations, no matter where they happen. Now, as you read your messages on your PC, tablet, Xbox and so on, those conversations will be marked as read (or unread if new messages come in) on your iPhone too.

This is the biggest change ever to Skype for iPhone, and soon we will be delivering a new iPad version too. Skype for iPhone will be available globally in about a week, but we just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. We promise we’ll let you know as soon as you can download it! Until then check out the new experience on our Skype for iPhone page.

15 thoughts on “Skype 5.0: Remastered for iPhone

  1. eggbox said 2 years ago


  2. It’d be great if you guys and girls could merge the iPhone and iPad apps into one universal binary. It’s just more common place for iOS apps, plus it means less tech savvy consumers aren’t confused when they download the iPhone version to their iPads and wonder why the experience isn’t as good.

  3. someonepr said 2 years ago


  4. it looks nice:-)

  5. I am excited to see how this new skype works on my iPhone. I hope to see that accessability of skype stays as strong as ever and that skype is still up to making the app as accessible as it can be.:)

  6. Skype is no longer available in the US Apple Store. Why?

    • Shana Pearlman said 2 years ago

      We are in the process of rolling out the latest version. Skype 5.0 for iPhone will soon be available for download worldwide– in the meantime, you can learn about the great new features coming with the new version here.

  7. I just checked at 06AM 6-11 on iTunes and there is no Skype for iPhone at all !!

    Please advise.

    Thanks @techtionary – Editor –

    • Shana Pearlman said 2 years ago

      Hi there, we are rolling out the latest version of Skype for iPhone. It’ll be available soon–in the meantime, you can take a look at what’s coming.

  8. How do you close/delete recent chats/conversations?

  9. Please up the contrast. The ‘recent’, ‘people’ … lists are hard read, fonts are not using ‘Bold Text’ and ‘Darken Colors’ when set in Settings > General > Accessibility. The skinny font your using is hard to read [but better than Helvetica Neue]. The 2nd line of text under each ‘recent’ is faint, the last contact date is even fainter! Inside a ‘recent’ call history is awful readability. This is the kind of app that could be used in bright sunlight, where black fonts on white, or white fonts on dark blue help usability. For some reason the continuing design fad is ‘low contrast’, but not everybody has perfect vision or is in their 20s. Skype 5 on iPhone 5.

  10. How to you delete chat now? The old version could delete all text. Also is there no text correction after the message has been sent?

  11. The new formatting on Iphone is really screwy for some settings, if you type anything *inside asterisks like this* It makes the text bold. * dont automatically mean someone is talking in bold. it could be to make a point, talk out of context, emphasize text, or refer to an action a person takes such as “Hello *waves* ” or at least along those lines. There needs to be a setting to remove the *Bold* typeset option.

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