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Managing your Skype Status and Notifications on Multiple Devices

You might have recently spotted a guide to solving Skype sign-in issues on this blog, which was requested in a poll on the Skype Community. The response to the poll was overwhelming so we didn’t want to leave it at that.

We ran another one of these polls recently and you asked to hear more about using a single Skype account on multiple devices. So true to our word, in this post we’ll talk more about managing your status and notifications across a range of devices.

If you haven’t tried using Skype on multiple devices, now could be a great time to get started. We’re continuing to build on the way your messages are delivered across devices and how Skype uses the battery on your mobile devices so there’s never been a better time.

Controlling your status on multiple devices

Changing your Skype status on your device of choice is quick and easy. To help you along we’ve got guides for Windows desktop, modern Windows, Mac, Windows Phone and Android.

The options for your status depend on the device you’re using:

Windows desktop and Mac Windows Phone, modern Windows, Android and iOS
Online Available
Do Not Disturb
Invisible Invisible

In both cases the Invisible status means you are online and can message and call your contacts, but you will appear offline to them, and the other statuses will allow your contacts to see you are online.

Managing your Skype notifications

Each type of device handles notifications from Skype slightly differently so how you control yours will depend on your favorite flavor of Skype.

On Skype Support we’ve got guides for managing your notifications on iOS, Android, modern Windows, Windows desktop and Mac.

On Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Mac you can also reduce your notifications more temporarily by using the Do Not Disturb status. Learn more about creating moments of calm in Skype.

Shut down your notifications at a distance with chat commands

Last week I talked about using chat commands to control Skype across multiple devices. If you use these commands to sign yourself out of your other devices then you won’t receive notifications on them. When it comes to managing your notifications, we like to give you lots of options!

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