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Master Skype on Multiple Devices with Chat Commands

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog then you probably know that I’m a huge of fan of chat commands and roles. I used them to explain how to manage your chats and they often pop up in tips on various subjects. So it probably won’t come as a surprise that I was excited to hear about two new commands which have recently been added.

As with the existing chat commands, you use these two new commands by entering them into the message box of Skype.

Chat commands

Controlling Skype across all your devices with /remotelogout

The first of the two new chat commands that I want to discuss is /remotelogout. If you’re signed into your Skype account on multiple devices, this new command signs you out on all of them except for the device you enter the command on.

When you type /remotelogout in the chat window and press send, you won’t get a confirmation of the command but you will notice its effect on other devices. You can even use it on your mobile if, for example, you exit the office in a hurry and forget to sign out.

Checking where you’re signed in with /showplaces

The use of smart phones and tablets continues to grow and, with it, the number of different devices people use Skype across. Trying to remember which devices you’ve signed in on can get difficult quickly. That’s where the other new chat command /showplaces comes in.

When entered, the command shows you a list of the devices that your account is signed in on. This command, together with the remote logout command will give you total control over your Skype presence when using multiple devices.

Are there any chat commands you’d like to see added to Skype? Why not tell us your idea in the Skype Community.

3 thoughts on “Master Skype on Multiple Devices with Chat Commands

  1. How can I cancel the command /remotelogout ?

    • Matthew de Beer said 5 months ago

      Hi Cristhian,

      Simply sign back in on the devices which you signed out by using the command.

  2. ty! long time online! now off lol ty again

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