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Sasquatch 2014 is coming, and Skype is letting fans be part of the show

Have you ever dreamed of being on stage in front of a crowd of passionate fans? Skype is giving you the chance to make your own musical debut— at Sasquatch! Music Festival. If you’ve never experienced Sasquatch, you’re in for a real treat because Skype is giving you the opportunity to become part of the festival— and even star in your very own performance.

Sasquatch! will take place at The Gorge once again this year from May 23rd-May 25th, so grab your backpack and put on a smile. With a holiday weekend of awesome Skype Moments, live music on five separate stages and over 100 bands to take in, you’re sure to be one happy camper.

Skype is also giving two lucky music lovers, Lindsey Bluher and Kelly Mason, the opportunity to have the ultimate festival experience. While at Sasquatch, these Skype Moment Makers will have the chance to see some of the hottest bands, interact with artists and even perform in the Skype Music Room—a Skype-powered interactive music area where fans get to take center stage.

For Lindsey, a diehard music enthusiast, this is an opportunity for her to check out some of her favorite bands;

“Facepaint and HAIM’s bass-face are in my immediate future and that’s basically as good as it gets – thanks to Skype!”

Photographer and music buff, Kelly, is ready to capture Skype Moments of her own:

“Great things happen when the sun comes out. I’m so excited to attend Sasquatch with Skype next weekend and photograph my favorite local artists!”

The Skype Music Room lets you be part of the Sasquatch experience—whether you’re at the festival, or checking it out from home. All you need to do to become part of it is send a video message (hopefully a fun, friendly one) to Skype_Sasquatch. Your video can then be turned into music and projected onto the walls of the Skype Music Room for everyone to enjoy. You may even capture the attention of the artists that will be in the Skype Music Room, including Cloud Control:

“We’ve heard amazing things about the Sasquatch festival, seriously can’t wait. We haven’t done anything as interactive as the Music Room before, so we are looking forward to this too.”

The Internet has forever changed how we talk to friends at home when we are on the road. I told my grandmother the other day that I could call home for free, her mind was blown.”

Sasquatch 1

Fans can also submit Skype instant messages for the artists joining the Skype Music Room for a chance to have them answered live from the festival.

No matter what music you dig or which band you choose to follow, Sasquatch is shaping up to be an unforgettable experience.

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Become part of the Sasquatch experience on Twitter via @Skype and @SkypeMoments using #Sasquatch2014 #SkypeShare as well as on FacebookInstagram and Tumblr.

See you at The Gorge.

Sasquatch 2

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