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A New Snap Experience for Skype for Xbox One

In the last few months, we’ve been hard at work to make the updates to Skype for Xbox One* you’ve been asking for. We’ve heard your feedback, and today, we’re happy to share that Skype for Xbox One now offers a new Snap calling experience.

As you’ll remember, Snap makes it possible to experience two apps on your Xbox One at once – like watching TV while looking up sports scores in Internet Explorer. Previously, you could only Snap other apps into Skype for Xbox One. With this update, the reverse is now possible, allowing you to now Snap a Skype video or voice call into other app experiences. See your best friend’s face as you narrowly beat them in Forza Motorsport 5. Or watch your mom’s favorite movie while on a video call with her, the next best thing to being there.

xbox snap 1

With this update, you now have the option of keeping your games or movies as the stars of the screen. Once you are in a voice or video call, you can control the call within Snap, whether you want to add another friend to the call, turn the camera off or hang up, all without leaving your other activity.

xbox snap 3

Work out with friends on Xbox Fitness*. Using Snap, you and a work out buddy can train together with  Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton of P90X®, Shaun T of INSANITY® and more.

xbox snap 2

If you want to make a group call, just add extra participants and everyone can join a group audio call to watch a movie, TV show or live sports together.

xbox snap 4

Star Trek Into Darkness available now on Xbox Video. ©2013 PPC. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc.

Along with the new Snap experience, this update also includes a few other bug fixes such as improved start-up time to make Skype for Xbox One even better.

We’re very excited to deliver an even better Snap experience to Skype for Xbox One. As always, we look forward to hearing from you on the Skype Community if you have any questions. And you can always find us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates and share your thoughts.


* IMPORTANT! Coming in June, Xbox Live Gold no longer required for some Xbox One apps and features, includingSkype. Unlimited access to Xbox Fitness requires a paid Gold membership (sold separately). Starting in January 2015, unlimited access to Xbox Fitness requires a paid Xbox Fitness Pass subscription and an Xbox Live Gold membership (both sold separately). Some Xbox Fitness content is not available with Xbox Fitness Pass and varies over time. Xbox Fitness and Skype for Xbox One video and voice calling features require Kinect for Xbox One sensor (Xbox One + Kinect bundle shown. Standalone Kinect for Xbox One sensor (sold separately) available this Fall 2014 at select retailers). See

3 thoughts on “A New Snap Experience for Skype for Xbox One

  1. I’m so glad they integrated this functionality. Now all they need is a way to manually zoom and lock on to the current zoom settings. The auto-zoom function doesn’t always zoom in far enough and zooms back out every time anyone gets up to walk away from the conversation.

  2. I vote for a manual zoom feature.

    • I vote for a zoom that can be controled by gestures!!! why otherwise having such an advanced kinect?

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