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Top 5 Skype Tips for New Parents

Parents of newborns are often too busy changing diapers and trying to find moments of shut-eye to realize that they’ve essentially become the publicists standing between an infant celebrity and a paparazzi of extended family and friends that wants in on every detail.



That’s where Skype comes in. Skype can play numerous roles in introducing the new addition(s) to the rest of the clan. It can overcome distance whether across town or across the globe. And a simple Skype video call on a mobile or tablet can help nearby relatives get their baby “fix” without stopping by for the 4th visit in one day during those fragile first weeks.

Check out our list of top Skype Tips for new parents:

  1. Use Skype video messages to capture the right moment
    You know that grandma enjoys her daily Skype call with junior. In fact, it’s the thing she most looks forward to in the day. Record a Skype video message when your baby is in a good mood and send it through to her. That way, if the baby is asleep or crying during your set call time, grandma won’t be disappointed – as we never want to disappoint grandma.
  2. Do a group video call with a bunch of friends and family
    Whether your motive is the cold efficiency of getting everyone updated at once (don’t worry, nobody will judge you except your in-laws) or it’s giving yourself the chance to socialize a bit too, a Skype group video calls help you to create a mini-community to all share in the experience together.
  3. In a pinch, use Skype to create a video baby monitor 
    If you are at a friend or relative’s house and find yourself with a sleeping baby and no monitor, you can MacGyver a monitor with two tablets, smartphones, or other devices or other devices with Skype. Set up one device with a Skype video call facing the sleeping infant. Connect the call to Skype on a device outside of the room and be sure to “mute” that end point. Voila – the Skype video baby monitor.
  4. Engage by any means necessary
    Dinner time can be a messy affair, but if your child is strapped into their chair and occupied with eating, they may stay put long enough for friends and relatives to get a good view – or even share a meal together from afar. Other successful strategies include having the person on the other end of the call play the child’s favorite music through the Skype call. You may thing it sounds silly to do a long-distance sing-along, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
  5. Sometimes you gotta play by their rules
    Even toddlers can have trouble engaging with a video call for long unless they are in control of the device/camera. Do the video call on a smartphone and let them hold it. Just make sure to be in a carpeted room and warn the people on the other end of the call that they may be in for a bumpy ride. Once the kiddos start getting mobile, it’s no fun to try and chase after them with a laptop – a tablet is a great device for trying to capture the frenetic whirlwind of toddler energy. Another trick is to get your child seated on the couch and use Skype on the TV. The larger presence can help to engage them too.

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