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A Blogger’s Journey from Beauty to Philanthropy

The beauty industry is better known for making world-class cosmetics than for compassion for the underprivileged. Indeed, we’ve all heard that beauty is only skin deep. However, hyper-connected beauty blogger Lara Eurdolian is out to upend your expectations.

Lara EurdolianNew York-based Lara spends most of her days blogging about the ins and outs of beauty trends on But she also uses Skype to rally her far-flung industry contacts to make a positive difference in the lives of less-fortunate women.

She explains that her journey from beauty industry to blogger to philanthropist was organic. As a child, Lara was an avid journal writer and scrapbook creator. After a few years working on the marketing side of the beauty industry at companies like Kiehl’s, she wanted to tap into that sense of pure creativity again. Her blog has allowed her to do just that.

She created a lean, flexible company with contacts across the country and even her intern is based in a different state. “Skype is an amazing way to talk with other bloggers, conduct interviews, and connect with my partners without any logistical limitation,” she says. “I travel a lot and Skype helps keeps me in touch so I don’t miss a beat.”

“It has been a fun and exciting way to be a part of the beauty industry,” she smiles. But she soon realized that she could also leverage her network of industry contacts to help others.

Lara is now also a Program Director for Family-to-Family a national non-profit hunger and poverty relief organization that “creates a bridge between communities with ‘more’ and some of our country’s poorest areas.” She says, “I helped start up the ‘Share your Beauty’ program which aims to unite the coterie of beauty bloggers, editors, publications, brands, and communities in creating ongoing beauty collection drives, and opportunities and delivering beauty products to select organizations serving impoverished women in crisis.”

Lara and her team’s hope for the Share your Beauty program is “that the ‘feel good’ emotions we all experience when we care for ourselves and receive new beauty products will help restore a sense of personal value and self-esteem in these women. Or at the very least, help brighten up their day.”

In bringing together all of the different people to make the program work, Lara says,  “Skype helps me organize the drives and event details using group video calling to keep in constant contact with my team.”

As for now becoming the new Skype Beauty Ambassador, she says she plans to share “everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about the beauty industry and more.” She also wants to dig deeper into intriguing subjects like beauty rituals around the world.

She concludes, “My website is called Pretty Connected because of all the amazing experts and brands I’m connected to and want to share with my readers. I can’t wait to collaborate with like-minded beauty enthusiasts over Skype – the options are endless!”

Stay tuned at to follow Lara’s stories.

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