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Kid Ink Fans Create Skype Moments on the Ones To Watch with Skype Tour

Every musician dreams of becoming the next big sensation. The Ones To Watch with Skype tour showcases some of the hottest up-and-coming artists on their journeys to achieve stardom – and Skype is bringing fans along for the ride.

Photo taken by Rashad Williams in West Hollywood

Photo taken by Rashad Williams in West Hollywood


When Kid Ink set off on tour across North America, Skype enabled some Moment Makers with a passion for music to be right there amidst the action—and to share the event from their own unique perspectives. Here are some of the amazing concert moments they captured when Kid Ink visited their cities.


Kid Ink 2

Stephanie Nesbitt of The Indie SD caught all the action at the Kid Ink concert in San Diego at the House of Blues.

Kid Ink 3


Dorean Raye captured this epic concert moment as she jammed out at Kid Ink’s show with Viva La Hip Hop in San Francisco.


Kid Ink 4


Rashad Williams snapped this shot of Kid Ink performing at the House of Blues in West Hollywood.

In addition to seeing Kid Ink on stage, three lucky fans also got the chance to be mentored by the rapper himself in a Skype group video call. When asked what it takes to make it in the music industry, Kid Ink spoke of hard work and perseverance.

Music producer and studio owner, Mateo Palmisano was impressed with how “cool and down to earth” Kid Ink was on the call. “The best advice he gave us was to work hard and not give up on our dreams. Positivity and perseverance are key to becoming successful,” said Palmisano.

For aspiring hip hop artist, Joe Mohney, being on a call with Kid Ink was an awesome experience and very eye opening conversation. “Hearing the tips he gave me when I asked about his experiences when he was at my point in his own career really opened my eyes to the fact that I can never stop working my hardest. Getting to communicate with an artist of that level was very inspiring and helpful to the way I view my current position and the future.”

Skype is giving music fans even more chances to get up close and personal with Ones To Watch with Skype artists. Send your burning questions to Ones_To_Watch in a Skype video message and you just might get the opportunity of a lifetime.

You can also check out all the action at as well as on Twitter via @Skype and @SkypeMoments as well as Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

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