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Get Started With Skype Essentials

Skype is well known for its ability to put you face to face with your nearest and dearest on a video call. But our passion for video as a way to communicate goes further than that and that’s why we’ve created a new set of guides called Skype essentials.

We made the Skype essentials videos to help new users find their footing and become experts, but even if you’re an experienced user you might learn something new. From adding contacts to making your first call, all the key steps for Windows desktop, modern Windows, Windows Phone and Android are explained in clear and easy-to-follow guides. Skype-Essentials_Emial_v4_03 If the Skype essentials have whetted your appetite to learn more, you can keep going right here on the blogs. We regularly post Tips & Tricks which give you the tools to squeeze every last drop out of Skype.

We’re really proud of the Skype essentials videos and we hope you’ll find them useful in getting started. Power-users, feel free to share them with your family and friends – they might save you from providing tech-support to your parents, or teach that one friend to read and reply to his instant messages.

Lastly, there are more videos on the way, so bear with us if we haven’t covered your version of Skype or your language yet.

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