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Sharing Ideas, Breaking Boundaries

Some of the world’s most innovative ideas were shared at the TED2014 conference in Vancouver, Canada last month. Skype Conversation Sessions germinated a number of fascinating discussions, and Skype was there to facilitate conversations with luminaries such as astronaut Chris Hadfield, Oscar nominee Jehane Noujaim and Sports Illustrated reporter David Epstein.

One of those participating in the conference was our very own Music Brand Ambassador, Frank Bell. Frank joined the conversation through Skype from his Brooklyn apartment as part of the ‘Power and Potential of Kickstarter’ panel hosted by musician Amanda Palmer. They discussed how artists can redefine engagement with their fans, improve artistic freedom, and develop stronger relationships between communities.

Frank, who uses Skype to work with fellow musicians and producers, added his thoughts on how new artists today are finding and collaborating with their audience outside traditional channels – “I think that this talk will change the way that I connect with my fans (especially looking at the possibility of starting a Kickstarter campaign myself).”

TED pic 1

Thanks to Skype, Frank was able to discuss his vision for a future where his studio is virtual and how he uses Skype to collaborate with fellow artists and producers. From predictions for the next generation of crowdsourcing to thoughts on how to manage audience expectations, here’s what happened during the lively discussion:

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