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Least Possible Actions to Start a Call on Windows

Today I’d like to do things a little differently and introduce a new series of posts here on Tips & Tricks. The new series is called Least Possible Actions (LPA) and in it I’ll be taking some common Skype tasks and explaining how to do them with as little time and effort as possible.

The way this series will work is I’ll first explain what the requirements are of the method, and then I’ll describe the method itself which will always start from the device being turned on and Skype being turned off.

I’ll start off the series where you would expect: making a Skype call on a Windows device.

If you think you know an easier and faster way of starting a Skype call, why not tell us about it in the Skype Community?


In order to use the method which I will describe shortly, you will need:

  • Windows 8 or above (Windows 8.1 is recommended).
  • Skype for modern Windows installed on your device. You also need to have signed into it at least once.
  • The contact you want to call pinned to your Start screen.

Tip: To pin a person to your Start screen, open the People hub, search for and select your contact, then swipe up or right-click and select Pin to Start.

The method will also assume your device goes to the Start screen after you sign in. If you have configured Windows 8.1 to open on the desktop, you’ll need to go to the Start screen before starting the method.


  1. Select your contact from the Start screen

LPA1      2. Select Call Skype

LPA 2       3. Select Yes in the start call box


Least possible actions to start a call on Windows: three.


Now you might say that you could start a call to a favorite contact in Skype for Windows desktop in three actions as well, and you’d be absolutely right. Having tested both methods, I found that using a contact pinned to the Start screen and Skype for modern Windows is the faster of the two, though. That’s why I recommend this method over the alternative.

Lastly, if you’ve got any suggestions for common Skype tasks which you’d like to see a LPA post about, let me know in the comments.

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