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Hop on Skype for an Easter Eggstravaganza

The Easter egg hunt is a timeless tradition celebrated by children of all ages across the world.  This year, invite relatives to share in the fun — no matter where they live — with Skype.

Grandma and grandpa can send your child scrambling on an egg-hunt they planned from miles away. You can watch your nieces and nephews as they search. Skype allows everyone in the family to “hop” on a group video call and celebrate together.

Here’s how to organize an Easter egg hunt with Skype:

Required Materials

  • 10 festive Easter eggs for each household that plans to “hunt”

To Prepare:

  • All parties should download the latest version of Skype downloaded on their PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone (or for those throwing an indoor hunt – even your TV!)
  • Schedule a test call with relatives prior to the egg hunt to ensure you have a strong Skype connection
  • Prepare 10 scavenger-hunt questions. For example: “You sometimes watch your favorite cartoon on this.” Answer: “Television – the egg is behind the television.”
  • Strategically hide the eggs around your living room or in a small section of your backyard

Game Instructions:

  • There are many ways to play:

o   Parents set up an elaborate egg hunt at their home and share the play-by-play with relatives using Skype on their smartphone or tablet

o   Your child guesses from afar where eggs are hidden at grandma’s house, winning treats from in real-time from mom and dad

o   One relative hosts the egg hunt, but invites all the kids from multiple households to take turns guessing

o   A cross-household hunt: cousins each hide eggs at their home and try to guess where eggs are hidden in the other’s home

o   Let the kids hide the eggs and make the long-distance adult family members guess.

When the hunt is over, why not keep the video call going and share Easter dinner together across the miles?

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