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Win With the Great Skype Easter Egg Hunt

What’s Easter without an Easter egg hunt? At Skype we love searching for the colorful eggs as much as anybody. But this year we’ve put a twist on the classic egg hunt.

The Easter Bunny has hopped around Skype’s social profiles and hidden 5 “eggmoticons”. They’ve been scattered across our Facebook, @Skype Twitter, @SkypeMoments Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

eggbasket2For a chance to win a basket of prizes:

  1. Find all 5 eggmoticons on our social channels
  2. Sign into Skype
  3. Select “Add a contact,” and search for the Skype ID “Skype Easter Basket”
  4. Using the emoticon library, IM the matching emoticons to “Skype Easter Basket”

One lucky winner will take home an XBOX One, Surface Pro 2, plus we’ll immortalize you as an emoticon.

For more information on the Great Skype Egg Hunt, visit the official rules.

Good luck and happy egg-hunting!


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