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Making Moments: My Amazing Month as Skype’s Film Ambassador

Our Film Brand Ambassador, Georgia Benjamin, spent the month of March reporting from movie events of both sides of the Atlantic. In her own words, this is how she made some unforgettable Skype Moments in the last few weeks:

March 2014 has been an incredible month. As Skype’s Film Brand Ambassador not only did I have the pleasure of flying out to Los Angeles for the Independent Spirit Awards, but I also attended the Captain America: Winter Soldier UK premiere in London – it’s been a whirlwind, and I’m excited to share my experiences so far!

At the Spirit Awards, we hosted a Skype group video call with five Moment Makers – people like you and me, film fans from around the globe – who asked questions live over Skype on a group video call. We also had questions from other Moment Makers that had been sent via Skype video message. It was so cool to be there in person and have people around the world – just as passionate as I am about film – join in. With the Moment Makers program next time this could be you!

In the very stylish Skype Airstream, I co-hosted the group video call (along with Jason Zone Fisher) with some of the award nominees and attendees. The definite highlight was interviewing Jeff Nichols, director of “Mud”. I’ve been a big fan of his work since seeing “Take Shelter,” so it was a huge honor to speak with him.

Georgia Blog 1

The Airstream was amazing, with an artist creating Skype emoticons of the stars, a coffee station with emoticons in the foam, and Skype emoticon cookies (which were yummy).

Georgia Blog 2

It was a crazy start to the month, but March ended in a great way too. I represented Skype at the Captain America: Winter Soldier premiere in London alongside Moment Maker Rich Johnston – right in the press pit. It was very different from the Skype Spirit awards. Instead of chatting it up with the stars, I was able to be behind the camera (where I spend most of my time day-to-day) to catch some great pictures up close and personal. It was equally as exciting as being in Santa Monica – any time I can get close to the stars and ask them questions is a good day – and something I would never have had the chance to experience without Skype.

Georgia Blog 3

When the first actors arrived, the crowd went wild! We were in an amazing position in the press pit to take pictures of the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. Live from the red carpet (well, blue in this case) I shared the incredible atmosphere and energy of the crowd over a Skype video call on my mobile – my friend couldn’t join me, but she was so jealous (and it showed).

I’ve had the most amazing month as Skype’s Film Brand Ambassador – I’ve met some lovely people on the way and am really looking forward to what the future holds with Skype! That’s what I have been doing; now it’s time for you to make some Skype moments of your own and get involved.


Send us your Skype Moments for the Story Bank and apply to become a Brand Ambassador like Georgia. Or, sign up for our newsletter to learn what all of our Moment Makers are doing around the world.

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