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Skype for Modern Windows 2.7, with Multiple Ways to Manage Your Availability

Today we have released a new version of Skype for modern Windows. Managing a busy life is hard and sometimes you just want to plug out. Here are some options to manage your availability:

Invisible – When you select to be invisible you can still get incoming messages but without others knowing you’re around to pick them up. Think of it like your phone – SMSes come through but you can respond now or later.

Sign out – But we know sometimes you just want to not get any notifications at all. With this release we brought back sign out. While more and more applications are moving to being always on and always connected, it’s an interesting challenge to balance the user need to be always plugged in while managing intrusion.

You will see more from us about this topic in the future. Why? Because helping users stay plugged in but without getting overwhelmed or feeling disturbed is a tricky challenge and we look to our users to tell us what works best for them.

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Supported operating systems: Windows 8.1.

Here are instructions for the latest Skype features and a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.0.

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