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The Big Skype Call Quality Roundup

Recently I wrote a post about solving Skype sign-in problems which was requested in a poll on the Skype Community. A lot of you also asked for more information on improving quality of Skype calls though, and we don’t want you feeling left out. There is a lot of information available on this subject, so today I’m going to pull it all together for you here so it’s easy to find.

Frequently asked questions on Skype Support

Skype Support is a valuable resource for getting started and fixing problems you may be having with Skype. Call quality issues are no exception and the Support team have put a lot of effort into a guide to solve common call quality issues.

This should be your first port of call to solve issues with your audio, video or connection during a Skype call.

No nuance is too fine for the Skype Community

The Community is a great place to turn to when the Frequently Asked Questions on Skype Support don’t cover your particular case. Many users have already had their questions about call quality answered by close to two million Community members.

The Skype Community is also where we held the poll that led to this article being written. Even if call quality isn’t top of mind for you at the moment, keep an eye on the Skype Community for all things related to Skype and opportunities to have your voice heard.

Tips and tricks for a slightly different angle

Of course there’s also the Tips and Tricks blog which you’re reading now. Here, I try and offer a slightly different view on matters, like where in the house to call from for the best quality. There’s also a guide to diagnosing audio issues which looks more at the parts of a call and how it affects you when one of them breaks. Lastly, here are some tips and best practices for getting the most out of your Skype calls.

Check your call quality without leaving Skype

Last, but not least, you can also fix many common causes of call problems without leaving Skype. In Skype for Windows desktop you can use the call quality tool to check issues with your speakers, microphone, webcam and more. To access the call quality tool, simply select this icon:

audio t blog 2

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