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Cherub Joins the Ones To Watch With Skype Tour

Discovering a band in an intimate venue before they hit the big time is a once in a lifetime experience for passionate music fans. Now, courtesy of Live Nation and their partnership with Skype, we are offering concert-goers around the United States an opportunity to check out the latest up-and-coming artists and be the first to discover the “Ones To Watch.”

Cherub together

Beginning March 26th, electro-pop duo Cherub will begin their Ones To Watch with Skype tour and music fans everywhere will be  able to send their questions to the band in a Skype video message. By adding the Skype name, Ones_To_Watch, all music  enthusiasts and Cherub fans can submit their burning questions for the band as they tour the country. If you’ve ever wondered  what life on tour is like, this is the chance to find out who gets the top bunk, what they eat while touring or how they decide on the  set list? Cherub could be answering your questions in an upcoming video.

The Ones To Watch with Skype tour will also be bringing you closer to the action by sharing exclusive concert photos and videos featuring not only the artists but also you, the fans. Follow the action using #skypeshare on Twitter, and catch more updates on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Check our site for more information about Cherub and the  tour.

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