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Under a Spell – Autocorrect Tips for Skype

With a recent release of Skype for Windows desktop we have started to roll out a new feature to some users on Windows 8 and above. Skype will now be able to use the spellcheck and autocorrect features of Windows 8 for your instant messages.

Today I’ll be giving you a few tips on editing your messages, toggling these features on and off and adding new input languages to help you get the most out of this new feature.

The quickest way to edit your last message

The spellcheck feature will point out misspelled words in your instant messages, but if you’re a bit too quick with the send button then help is at hand. To make a quick change to the last message you sent, simply press the up arrow in your keyboard. This trick saves you having to right click or tap-and-hold the message you want to edit.

On the other hand, if you just want to delete the message you sent, take a look at my recent post on managing your Skype history.

How to change Windows’ spellcheck and autocorrect settings

If you like the spellcheck feature but don’t want your messages to be autocorrected, you can toggle both of these features independent of one another.

To toggle autocorrect or spellcheck:

  1. Open the charms with Win+C or by swiping from the right.
  2. Select Settings > Change PC settings.
  3. Select PC and devices > Typing.
  4. Move the sliders for the feature you want to change.
  5. Return to Skype for Windows desktop and press Ctrl+W to return to Skype Home and force the changes to take effect.

Adding and switching quickly between input languages

If you happen to be multi-lingual then you’ll be glad to hear that these features will work in multiple languages. You’ll need to add your languages first, and then I’ll show you a quick way to switch between input languages on the fly.

To add a new input language:

  1. On the Start screen, start typing add a language to this device and select this item when it appears in the search results.
  2. Select +Add a language and then the language you would like to add.

To quickly switch between input languages once you’ve added them, simply press Win+Space or tap the button on your onscreen keyboard.

Onscreen keyboard

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