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TED 2014 – Envision The Future of Music

The key message of every TED talk, conference or panel is ‘ideas worth spreading’. One person whose ideas are definitely worth spreading is multi-talented musician and Skype Music Moment Maker Frank Bell. Frank is a classically trained cellist who loves experimenting with numerous musical styles – funk, soul, pop, you name it. As he told Hypetune, “I’m always growing as a person, and inevitably my music grows as well.”

Frank’s musical performances take him all over the world, and he uses Skype on a daily basis to stay in touch with fellow musicians and producers both in the US and in far-flung corners of the globe. He sees Skype as an ideal way to create albums with fellow artists and has some very forward-thinking ideas about how to use the platform in the future. He told us that he has a vision of a ‘Skype wall in my studio – with people all around the world collaborating and creating music’.

This year at TED we’re giving Frank the chance to spread his own ideas about the future of music, creativity, and worldwide collaboration. Frank will showcase his passion as he joins American singer, pianist and Internet star Amanda Palmer at TED 2014 via Skype.

Frank brings his perspective to Amanda’s discussion about changing the model of music on Wednesday, March 19th. Stay up to date with this and other panel discussion on Twitter via @SkypeMoments and @Skype as well as Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Also, don’t miss out on all the latest TED updates.

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