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A Workday Without Skype Isn’t Much of a Workday At All

I recently wrote about taking things for granted, like how easy it is to start a Skype call. That got me thinking about other things I take for granted while working at Skype, and one of them is Skype itself. I would really struggle through my work day without Skype and in the tips below, I’m going to tell you why.

Sending an instant message before a call

As Stephen Fry once said, “Of course, a telephone is a fantastically rude thing … If you went into someone’s office and banged on their desk and said ‘I will make a noise until you speak to me’ it would be unbelievably rude.”

Because Skype makes it so easy to switch between instant messages and calls, we have developed an unofficial rule around the office that we always send each other a message before starting a call. The message could be a reminder about the agenda, or a simple question whether the other person is finished their last meeting.

It’s just a small act of courtesy, but it’s a habit I wish everyone practiced because it makes a huge difference.

Drag and drop file transfer

This is one of my favorite features of Skype, and not enough people know about it. You probably know you can send files through Skype, but you might not know the easiest way of doing it. It’s easier to use Ctrl+Shift+F than go through the menu, but it’s even easier to just drag and drop files onto the instant message area of Skype.

File transfer croppedTo transfer a file with drag and drop, simply click and drag it from your desktop or Windows Explorer to the Skype tile on your taskbar and then drop it on the message area of Skype. It’s that simple.

Your email software might support dragging and dropping for file attachments too so why not give it a try?

Take notes and actions on a call in real time

I’ve already mentioned the synergy between instant messages and calls in Skype. Another really powerful way to use these two features together is taking notes and actions in real time during a call.

Call bar highlighted During a call, simply click or tap the instant message button on the call bar and you can type messages which will remain in your chat history after the call. A perfect reminder about who caught all the actions during the call.

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