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Starting a Skype Call on a Different Foot

It’s human nature to pay the least attention to the things you do the most. How to start a Skype call is a great example of this. It’s so easy to do, you might think you know all about it already.

Today I’m going to change that with some tips for starting a call in Skype for Windows Desktop that are a little different. I’ll even include a few tips for when you’re the one being called.

How to start a call without your fingers leaving the keyboard

I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know by saying that there are two buttons in Skype to start a call – one for video calls and one for audio calls. But something you might not know is that you can also use the key combination Ctrl+R to start an audio call or Ctrl+Shift+R to start a video call. This can be a real time-saver if you’re often switching between instant messaging and calling your friends.

Learn more about using hotkeys in Skype for Windows desktop.

The time for messaging is through, it’s time to /golive

A much less obvious means of starting a call is the /golive chat command. Type this in the message box of a group chat and press enter and it will start a call with that group, but with one small difference.

Your contacts in the group won’t hear the Skype ringing sound when you use /golive. Instead they’ll need to join the call themselves with the steps I describe below.

Starting a call without having it ring sounds crazy, but bear with me for a moment because it can be useful. Imagine you have a regular call with a group of people and one or more people are running late. No worries, just use the /golive command and everyone can join when they’re ready.

How to join in when you’re late to a call

Joining an active group call only takes a moment. Whether you missed the notification or the call was started with /golive, it’s quick and easy to join an active group call.

Active call

If you are in a group with an active call going, you’ll see the group separated at the top of your recent conversation list. To jump in on the action, simply select the group and click Join call or Join call with video.

How to add incoming calls to active ones

One last tip to end this post. Did you know that if you’re on a call already when someone calls you, you can add the two calls together into one group call?

Incoming call To add an incoming call to an active call, simply select Add to group call on the incoming call box.

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