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Skype Brings the World Closer Together, One Inbox at a Time

Today we are excited to announce the worldwide availability of Skype for We began rolling out a preview version to select markets last year, and now we’re excited to celebrate this milestone with our customers around the world. We’ve also made some improvements that will make your experience even better.

With Skype for, you can easily connect with your Skype friends right from your inbox, so you can go from chat or email to a video call with just one click. If you haven’t had a chance to it check out, getting started is easy. Just download the plugin, link your Skype account to find your friends and start a video call or send an instant message without having to leave your inbox! The latest version of the plugin now has Mac support for Safari, so you have even more ways to connect with the people who matter.

We’re also thrilled that the version available worldwide today now supports HD video calling* for PC users, so video calls from your inbox are clearer than ever. We know that face to face conversation brings people closer together, and we are excited to make richer and more engaging connections possible.

Lastly, some of you have shared that you have experienced issues with calls continuing to ring after pick-upwhen you were running the plugin and Skype on your desktop at the same time. We’re happy to share that in the new version now available we’ve resolved this issue.

We’re thrilled to be continuing to bring together the Microsoft products and experiences you love, no matter where in the world you call home. Download the Skype for plugin today to start instant messaging and calling your Skype friends right from your inbox!

Feel free to visit the Skype Community for additional technical details, and as always, tell us what you think of Skype for by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.  We look forward to hearing from you!

* For HD video calls, both users must have compatible HD displays, web cams, messaging clients, and broadband internet.

One thought on “Skype Brings the World Closer Together, One Inbox at a Time

  1. This Is Awesome

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