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Rule-breaking Entrepreneurs, Celebrate With Us and Be Recognized!

As a proud sponsor of the Rule Breaker Awards, we encourage you to join us in celebrating the entrepreneurs that are rewriting the ways in which business is done.

RBA Sponsor

Entrepreneurs dream.  Entrepreneurs take risks.  Entrepreneurs see things that others don’t.

We understand this because it’s in our DNA, too.  Skype started as a simple yet revolutionary concept: with an Internet connection and a computer, you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world for as long as you want.  Skype shattered the barriers of distance and cost in communications and is now enabling hundreds of millions of people around the world to do things together when they’re apart.  With this reach, Skype continues to help break rules in arttheatre, politics, education, business, and beyond.

In supporting the Rule Breakers, we remember our roots and salute the latest generation of leaders.

The Rule Breaker Awards will honor entrepreneurs who have succeeded by doing it their ways.  Some have created whole new industries; others have revolutionized industries that have existed for hundreds of years.  Awards will be given to 15 entrepreneurs in the technology, retail, manufacturing, food/restaurant and service sectors.  Nominations can be submitted digitally, and winners will be selected by popular vote and industry judges.  The Rule Breakers will be honored in a ceremony in New York in June.  At that event, one small business innovator will be chosen as the “Rule Breaker of the Year.”

Are you an entrepreneur who has changed the rules?  Do you know one?  Nominate yourself or someone you admire through March 31st..

Maybe we’ll get a chance to meet at the awards ceremony in New York.  Until then, may your path be your own.

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