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Four Ways to Give Skype a Piece of Your Mind

Skype users are a passionate group. As soon as I started here, everyone I knew started sharing their Skype stories with me and it felt amazing to be a part of them. We love that kind of passion and want to tap into it to find out how to make Skype better.

Today I’m talking about the different ways we gather your feedback and what we do with the information.

Community idea boards

On the Skype Community we set up boards where you can submit ideas for Skype and vote on the submissions of others. Our Community team take the best ideas and discuss them with our product developers. The product teams then use this information to shape the future of Skype for millions of users worldwide.

Currently we have idea boards open for Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Windows Phone.

Call quality feedback

Most users will recognize this window, which sometimes opens after a call.


The temptation is to simply click the window away, but we sincerely hope you don’t. The quality information which you provide here is invaluable in developing our audio and video technology to deliver great Skype calls when they matter to you the most.

Feedback via the Help menu

In Skype for Windows desktop you can also provide feedback through the Help menu. Simply open Skype, open the Help menu and select Give feedback.

Feedback on the Support site

On Skype Support you’ll find a huge amount of content for Skype on all your different devices. Keeping all that content updated with each new version of Skype is quite a challenge though, and we need your help!


At the bottom of our support articles you’ll find the above two feedback buttons. The information that you share with us here really helps us focus on content that isn’t as helpful as we’d like it to be.

As you can tell, your feedback is a key factor in a lot of what we do here at Skype, so please keep sending it in. We can’t always respond, but we are always listening.

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